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Skin Viewer 1.1

A little utiliy by Jaj Jr. to allow you to view object skins and rotate / zoom in on them to help with creating new skins. Most of it is menu driven, but there are a few other keys

Key Controls



Zooms the camera in


Zooms the camera out


Moves the camera left


Moves the camera right


Moves the camera up


Moves the camera down





For more discussion on this script, see this thread


This program is simply hosted here for the creator and use of this program and any errors which may occur due to it have nothing to do with PTT and should be taken up with Jaj Jr.

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Name Toggler

What is NameToggler?

NameToggler is a simple script for a simple purpose. To help you with screenshots. Have you ever taken a screenshot, only to have blurry red smudges above the tanks instead of names, and you don't even need the names? Well, this script is for you. What NameToggler does is remove the floating name above the tanks, while still showing the name bar on the side, and chat.

How do I install NameToggler?

Installation cannot get any easier. Simply copy the following text to the bottom of a file named "main.cs" located in your:

//Nametoggler script by Nathan
function toggleNames(%val)
      for(%i = 0;%i < PlayGui.getCount(); %i++)
         %obj = PlayGui.getObject(%i);
            %obj.visible = !%obj.visible;
moveMap.bind(keyboard,"ctrl n",toggleNames);

How do I use NameToggler?

Again, this is easy. Simply press CTRL N during a game. For mac you say? I am not sure if this even works on a mac. If so, great!


For more discussion on this script, see this thread


This information is simply hosted here for the creator and use of it or any errors which may occur due to it have nothing to do with PTT and should be taken up with Nathan©.

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Ignore Script 1.1

This was planned addition to the ThinkTanks 1.2 update. But the recent rash of malcontents has accelerated the deployment of this feature. It has been tested extensively, but may not be 100%. Consider it to be a very late beta. Please report bugs if you find them. Use it and spread the word.

Once you ignore someone you will not be able to see their chat. You will still see others yelling at them though, so spread the word so everyone can ignore them. Hopefully, a yutz being greeted by "has put Ann0y1ngYutz on /IGNORE." from several players will send the message about what people won't put up with in ThinkTanks.

Usage instructions

In the chat box type /ignore or /I followed by enough of the player's name to make it unique to toggle the ignore feature.

Example: assuming you want to ignore the chat from "Ann0y1ngYutz", type:

/i yutz


/ignore ann0

Other hot-keys



Will open up the chat box already filled with /ignore

CTRL + i

Will cycle through the names of players in the game


To allow a persons chat again, use /ignore player-name or /i player-name again. (ignore then toggles on and off)

A person will remain ignored until you quit ThinkTanks or un-ignore them.

Download and extra instructions

For Windows: http://ezupa.com/thinktanks/WIN/

For Mac OSX: http://ezupa.com/thinktanks/OSX/


For more discussion on this script, see this thread

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ModWizard 1.3



1) Important Note
2) Installing ModWizard
3) About ModWizard
4) Using ModWizard
5) Default Keys
6) Download


If you choose to use this script, you do so at your own risk. I take no responsibility therefore for any problems which may occur as a result of installing it, attempting to install it, or using it.

I am a busy man as most of you know, and therefore I will not answer personal questions about using this script or with troubleshooting its installation. If you are really stuck, re-read this file, or, failing that, then ask other users of it on the ThinkTank forums at: GarageGames.com (or ask someone else you know who is using it succesfully for help.)

Also, at request of the makers of the game, BraveTree, please make sure to put 'MOD' at the beginning of your server name if you are running a server that differs (even slightly) from the standard levels. If everyone adheres to this, then BraveTree are more likely to provide extra support for modders in the future.

Happy modding.


Installing ModWizard:

1. Copy all the files in the help folder into: ThinkTanks/game/client/help/ (these are additional in-game help pages for the ModWizard.

(in case your zip hasnt extracted into 4 folders, these files are: 8.hfl | 9.hfl | magiworks.png | modwizard.png | mwtitle.png

2. Copy all the files in the client folder into: ThinkTanks/game/client/scripts/ (these are the preferences and a script to control the hotkeys)

(in case your zip hasnt extracted into 4 folders, these files are: ModWizardBindings.cs.dso | ModWizardPrefs.cs

3. Copy the file in the server folder into: ThinkTanks/game/server/scripts/ (this is the main script)

(in case your zip hasnt extracted into 4 folders, this file is: ModWizardMain.cs.dso

4. Now fire up a text editor of your choice, and open the file: ThinkTanks/main.cs .

5. At the very bottom of this file, add the following lines:

// ModWizard
if (!$Server::Dedicated) {
moveMap.bindCmd(keyboard, "m", "", "exec(\"game/client/scripts/ModWizardBindings.cs\");");

(copy and paste them to avoid mistakes)

6. Save that file. (you can always simply delete these lines to remove the script from ThinkTanks)

7. Read through the rest of this page and familiarize yourself with the keys. (if you need to change them, there is information on this lower down)

8. Now fire up ThinkTanks itself and create a server. Make sure there are no bots, and set a password so that people don't come in and interfere. The ModWizard will not work if there is anyone else in the server.

9. Once in the new server, simply press M and the script is activated. Pressing M again, will deactivate it.

About ModWizard:

ModWizard is an in-game map editor which allows you to place, delete and move objects around. It also gives the functionality to save the mission files, edit existing files, and more.

Using ModWizard:

When in-game on a map, press 'M' to Activate and De-activate the script.

ModWizard will only work on an empty server with no other players or bots present. It is therefore recommended that you password your server while you edit the level as any visitors will stop you from being able to place objects.

Note also that ModWizard does not require you to launch a dedicated server, but you can edit directly through the in-game 'create server' option.

You can load up any existing mission and the existing objects will be rewritten exactly as they were when you save the mission. This includes any alterations you may have made to the colours, terrain, fog etc. All the data will be saved to "MWx_y.mis" (where 'x' relates to the terrain style and 'y' the map number - in the same way that the TTx_y.mis files are labelled) and won't overwrite your existing mission. (It will however overwrite any existing copy of the MWx_y.mis)

Mac users will probably want to redefine some of the keys before using this utility.

All the hotkeys can be changed in the ThinkTanks/game/client/scripts/ModWizardPrefs.cs file and the variables have been named to be as obvious as possible. Do not change the names of these variables, or it will cease to work. Only change their values if you wish to redefine the keys.

SpawnPoints (blue and green) are used for player spawn locations, the scrum and the goals (in scrum games) hence there are no extra keys to place goals. Only one goal will show up on the radar anyway. The SpawnPoints can be toggled on and off and are represented by low goals (sunken into the ground).

Default Keys:



Activate / Deactivate the ModWizard script (you will get notification on-screen that it has loaded properly)

Adding Objects


Add a Bounce pad


Add a fixed booster arrow


Add a changing direction booster arrow


Add a reload gate


Add a powerup


Add a tree


Add a rock


Add a volcano


Add bones


Add the other type of bones


Add blue team spawn point


Add green team spawn point

Edit Actions


Delete nearby objects


Raise nearby objects by the current 'nudge size'


Lower nearby objects by the current 'nudge size'


Delete all objects

Nudge Size (see note below)


Small nudge size


Medium nudge size


Large nudge size

Radius Size (see note below)


Small radius size


Medium radius size


Large radius size

View Options


Show Spawn Points


Hide Spawn Points



Commit suicide and respawn


Save the current mission


The mission file will be saved to the ThinkTanks/Game/Data/Missions/ folder and will be called MWx_y.mis (eg MW1_2.mis) Simply rename this file to TT1_2.mis or for whichever map you wish to used as the base for your mod.

The 'nudge size' is the amount objects will be raised or lowered by.

The 'radius size' is the area of effect. When you choose to delete/raise/lower objects, any objects within this radius are affected.

Once again, I must remind you that if you use an edited map, please put 'MOD' at the beginning of the server name.

Download ModWizard

Download ModWizard 1.3 for PC

Download ModWizard 1.3 for Mac

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