The Tanks

The Light Tank (not available in the demo)

Probably the most versatile tank of the three. Though lacking in manoeuverability, its speed and acceleration more than compensates, and whilst not as heavy hitting, its rapid fire mode can be devastating if accurate. It is however, very poorly armoured and new players will notice this above all else.

The light tank is ideally suited to scrum games where speed is definately of the essence and large distances have to be covered quickly, and it is often favoured in battlemode using old fashioned hit-and-run tactics.


The Medium Tank

The only available tank in the demo, and a very good all-round tank. Neither overly fast or with fiedish firepower, it does have good armour, a good turning circle and reasonable speed.

The medium does tend to be too slow for scrum, but can make a great defender in a team game, guarding the goal which it came often get to in time whereas a heavy can not.


The Heavy Tank (not available in the demo)

Slow and cumbersome, but has excellent range and can inflict painful damage from its cannon.

The heavy is a very powerful defensive tank for games such as team scrum or capture the flag, and can be a worthy foe when played well in battlemode. It has superb manoeuverability and a thick armour coating.


The UFO (not initially available)

Not initially available as an option, this can be unlocked in the full game by scoring more than 500,000 in solo mode. However, most online servers only allow the three different tanks.

It is slightly faster than the light tank, but less agile. Its turning circle leaves much to be desired, but its weapon is harder hitting. If however, you thought the light tank had little armour, this has even less.


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