The Game Types

Target Practice

Target practice (which is accessed from the 'load player' screen) creates a map with several bots for you to practice shooting. These bots will not fire back at you and make rather easy pickings. The score simply maintains how many kills you have made. When a bot is killed, a new one will re-spawn somewhere on the map.

Solo Play

ri This takes you through a whole series of missions, starting on the 'lush' maps, moving on to the 'spooky' maps, and finally the 'frantic' maps. As the story unfolds, the bots get tougher and you get to fight bosses, fly a UFO and collect brains.

Scoring over 500,000 points will unlock the UFO in the 'tank select' screen and this can be used within some of the servers. Your highest score is saved alongside the current player profile.

You start with three lives, but can gain more by earning points. Lose all your lives and its game-over.

Quick Play

This is a no nonsense straight shoot'em'up as best you can mode. Placed on a map, you have a set time to shoot and destroy as many AI controlled tanks (bots) as possible. Scoring one point per kill and losing one point per lost life, this is an offline battlemode game on a map filled with bots.


Every tank for itself, in this mad free-for-all killing spree. A point is awarded for every kill you make, but you lose a point every time you die. Scores can never go below 0.

To do well at battlemode therefore, you need to be able to kill more than one tank per life. It's a case of two steps forward, one step back. Learn where the powerups are and use them wisely.

A good player is always on the move and will never go head on in a shooting match (ramming). He/she will want to avoid as much fire as possible and will therefore try and make it more difficult for you to aim at them. A moving target is always harder to hit and much like the aircraft dog-fights good players will twist and turn trying to get behind the enemy and safely let rip without fear of return fire.

Team Battlemode (not available in the demo)

This is the same as battlemode except that players are split (and can choose) between two teams (blue and green). Points are gained and lost in the same way as battlemode exept that you do not get points for killing members of your own team, and the overall team score is shown at the top (which is a total count of all tanks of the enemy team killed)


A fast paced and often includes a frantic scramble at the goal as everyone tries to be the scorer.

hum The idea is to find the 'scrum' (a flag on a ball), pick it up, and drive it into the green goal area. Sounds easy huh? Not when every other player is attempting to do the same thing with the same flag... believe me.

There are numerous tactics here including 'camping'. Much frowned upon by the more seasoned players, this simply means that the tank sits in or close to the goal waiting for the tank bearing the scrum to come close enough to ram and steal the scrum from. Good players can easily avoid campers, throwing them off balance by pretending to go one way,and then going the other. A typical camper will always score at least one goal, but will seldom ever come out on top. (There has only been one exception to this and that player goes by the name of FoulPlay - rather apt huh? Since then he has adopted a different strategy and is normally at the front of the pack chasing for the scrum)

This is a game where working for it and chasing the scrum really pays off dividends. Not only does it improve driving skills and aim, but you will tend to score more than the campers - even if they occasionally manage to steal a couple from you at the last minute.

Notable experts at scrum are (in no particular order): HugoBrain, Tally Ho, Azazel, Spony, Jangles, Tankster, Tank Dork, FoulPlay Shoseph and Cowboy.

Team Scrum (not available in the demo)

This is a team version of above and introduces more tactical play into the game. Team members will defend and block enemy tanks from intercepting or stealing the scrum off the scrum carrier. Fast paced and often more frantic, guns blaze constantly in this most delightful of game styles.

It is this game type that the two main leagues use, and is the game type that requires the most skill to be successful. Some battlemode players might tend to disagree, but in team scrum, you not only have to be able to kill, but dodge successfully, and get to the goal witha hungry pack of tanks chasing and gunning for only you.

Capture the Flag (not available in the demo)

This is a custom mod I have made (and am still working on). At the moment, due to the limitations of available graphics (those that everyone has from the installation) there is just the one flag. Both teams must endeavour to control the scrum and hold it within their large goal area. One point is awarded for each unbroken period of time (currently 8 seconds) that the scrum is held within the goal. If that person loses the scrum (even to another team mate) or takes it outside of the goal area, then the counter will reset and will start again.

The enemy team must rescue the scrum at all costs. Dawdling here can cost high amounts of points, and to successfully capture the flag and return home with it requires coordinated team play. When the flag is in a teams possession, defence is paramount and keeping the enemy away from even entering your base will win the match.

Once a member of your team has the scrum inside your goal, the best plan is to sit and defend him just from outside the goal, leaving your teammate plenty of room to manoeuver inside the goal if an enemy tank should break through or sneak in. Any defenders near the goal will also get a point when the goal is scored.

You also want to avoid bumping the flag off your team mate when he/she is in the goal as this will just reset any countdown meaning that it will take longer to score a point.

Individual points (though they won't count for the team's score) can be gained from killing enemy tanks, and double points are earned for killing the enemy flag carrier. Points are lost for killing members of your own team.

hum Points are also (obviously) gained from scoring a goal, but are also awarded to those defending the goal area and flag carrier at the same time as a goal is awarded.

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